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Intranet Uni WH | Here we grow. – Mission statement, claim and university development plan

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Here we grow. – Mission statement, claim and university development plan

We develop the mission statement

"At Witten/Herdecke University, we learn, research and work in order to develop individually personally as well as as a community and to be able to shape the social, ecological and economic changes in society in a sustainable and justway."

This mission is at the heart of Witten/Herdecke University's mission statement. It clarifies the values we stand for, how we want to live, learn and work here, and by what standards we want to be measured. The UW/H sees itself as an enabler for its students, teachers, researchers and staff. It is a source of inspiration for society, for example in questions of justice, sustainability and diversity. Its actions are guided by the three core values - encouraging freedom, striving for truth, promoting social responsibility.

Our mission statement was developed through a collaborative process that involved the university community in a comprehensive and transparent way. In dialogues and workshops, many members of the UW/H have contributed and developed the guidelines. An open exchange of ideas, lively discussions and the constructive cooperation of all status groups thus make the mission statement a successful community project. In the summer of 2022, the committees of our university discussed the final result and adopted it with a large majority.

The mission statement process for download.

The mission statement will significantly shape the university in the coming years, flow into decision-making processes and provide orientation for all of us. It familiarizes us with our self-image and our goals and offers reflection in challenging times.

The mission statement for download.

We compress the mission statement

Our claim condenses what the mission statement says into a central message: Witten/Herdecke University - Here we grow. This claim was developed in a two-day workshop and with the participation of many university members, who named the brand essence and the central messages. The focus was always on the unique growth that UW/H offers like no other place. This holistic growth of personality makes our students, faculty and staff future-proof. And it is precisely this ability that enables us to master current and upcoming challenges; we grow with them and beyond ourselves. Below you will find some impressions from the claim workshop:

For more information on the mission statement and claim, please visit our website:


A mission statement comes to life

The mission statement represents the orientation-giving framework for the development of the university. We can bring it to life together through appropriate goals and measures.

With the University Development Plan (HEP), we have introduced a central instrument for operationalizing strategies at the university, faculty and WittenLab levels. It describes the current challenges, lines of development, goals and measures for the next two to three years for the various areas of the university and, across the board, for the organization as a whole.

The HEP is a structured, focused, and sustainable basis for transparent, stimulating, and intensive discussions on the strategic development of the UW/H. Through the measures set out in it, we can all make our contribution to making our university fit for the future.

Download the University Development Plan 2022/23.

The University Development Plan 2022/23 was finally evaluated at the end of June 2023, and the results were presented to the Senate. They are summarized in a report and a supplementary evaluation table and are incorporated into the progress measurement of the subsequent plan.

Complete Evaluation:

Download evaluation report University Development Plan 2022/23.

Evaluation table for download.


The claim gives the UW/H radiance

What Patrick Rebacz has made clear in this illustration of our mission statement and claim is something we would also like to convey to the outside world: UW/H is a place of vibrant growth that all university members can help shape. Everyone is invited to get involved, to discover his or her talents and to live them. Ideas, suggestions and discussions are welcome, the possibilities for shaping the university are great and it should be fun to be part of our university community. Here we grow.

The year 2023 started with a tour of the UW/H buildings by the Presidents. They handed out the New Year's greeting card "Here we grow" and seedballs. Jan Ehlers was with the Communications & Marketing Department.

Interview with Dirk Jakobs, Vice President for Organizational Development

Now the task is to fill the mission statement with life, to implement it and to make it concrete. We spoke with Dirk Jakobs, Vice President for Organizational Development, and asked him about the current status, the plans for the future and what role each individual UW/H member plays in this.

You can find the complete interview on the internal UW/H blog.