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Unikat e.V.

Unikat e.V. is a non-profit association for the cultural enrichment of Witten life. Unikat is financially subsidized by the Hochschulwerk and we work closely together.


Unikat first emerged as an initiative from a course as part of the Studium Fundamentale at UW|H and then followed its path for many years under the responsibility of the Hochschulwerk.

In order to clarify liability issues and these very responsibilities, the Unikat team decided in 2016 to become independent and thus to take on a new legal form.



Since then, Unikat e.V. has been a non-profit, registered association. Responsible are the board members for events, building, communication, team management and finances, who are elected annually at the general meeting.

They bear the liability responsibility for the association, the building and the events and work closely with the Hochschulwerk Witten/Herdecke. All persons who can identify with our cause have the opportunity to become a member of the association.