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Services for all

at UW/H

Services for all

at UW/H


The UW/H offers the WLAN networks eduroam and uwh-guest.

We recommend the eduroam network to all UWH members, as it is encrypted and enables problem-free WLAN registration with all organizations participating in the eduroam network. Guests at events no longer need any WLAN registration when using uwh-guest.


The eduroam WLAN is the safest and most sensible way of WLAN use for all UW/H members as well as for guests from other universities participating in the eduroam network.

All UW/H members can use the eduroam network of another university, e.g. when staying there, without needing special access data of the respective university. You can find out which institutions participate in the eduroam network and where you can use eduroamhere. (The page may take a moment to load).

Usage requirement:

To use the eduroam WLAN with the IEEE 802.1X authentication method, which is considered to be secure, you only need a valid UW/H identity.

Other operating systems

Here is the necessary technical information to enable you to use eduroam.

Network name (SSID):eduroam

Authentication type:PEAP

Authentication method:EAP-MSCHAPv2

Security type:WPA2-Enterprise

Encryption type:AES

Username (Identity): Your username with the addition of@uni-wh.de.

Important: At this point no EMail address is meant, but actually the username followed by @uni-wh.de

Example: nutzer@uni-wh.de


With the open uwh-guest-WLAN, we offer uncomplicated WLAN access that is accessible to everyone. Please note, however, that the uwh-guest-WLAN is inevitablyunencrypted due to this unrestricted access.

All entries are transmitted unencrypted to the access point and can be read by technically experienced users of this access point, unless you use other encryption methods with your device (e.g. VPN connections or encrypted websites). This is different when logging into the eduroam WLAN: here, the connection to the access point is always securely encrypted.


Since the uwh-guest-WLAN can be used by everyone, the bandwidth of this WLAN is limited in contrast to the eduroam-WLAN. This is how we ensure that users of the eduroam WLAN always have good bandwidth.