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Mail distribution list

Centrally maintained mail distribution lists are available at UW/H to provide information to a large group of people by e-mail. In order to reduce excessive use of these, the use of the individual distribution lists is subject to a guideline.

Guideline for the use of mail distribution lists:

The official mail distribution lists may only be used if it does not make sense to address groups of people in any other way. To the extent that only smaller groups of people or even individuals are to be addressed, the mailing lists are not to be used.

Total distribution list Witten/Herdecke University (MV-Gesamt-UWH), this includes:

  • All persons recorded in IT, with the exception of faculty members.
  • This includes all employees, students, doctoral candidates, lecturers and external persons.

Overall distribution list of employees (MV-Mitarbeiter), this includes:

  • University employees
  • Temporary staff for the duration of their temporary employment
  • Interns
  • Scholarship holders

Mail distribution list students (MV-Studierende), this includes:

  • enrolled students
  • Doctoral students of the UW/H; incl. doctoral students who are not enrolled (MV-Doktoranden)

Various mail distribution lists for staff and students staggered by faculty/department.

All mailing lists begin with the abbreviation MV-.


A maximum of three persons per faculty or department are authorised to access one of the mail distribution lists or the sub-distribution lists contained therein.

Mails that are to be sent must be approved in writing by the dean or head of department (e.g. by e-mail).

The dean or head of department is responsible for compliance with this guideline and can inform the BIT of any binding changes in responsibilities.

Sending mails to the distribution groups is only permitted from functional mail addresses; sending from a personal mailbox is not permitted.

The distribution groups must always be addressed in the BCC field, as this is the only way to ensure data protection for the addresses entered in the distribution list.

Mails that are to reach a larger distribution group than the sender's sending authorisation allows must be released or sent by the next higher instance.

If, for example, an authorisation exists for sending to students, but a mail is to be sent to the entire distribution list, approval must be given by the management.

Another example: authorisation exists for sending to all employees of a department, but a mail is to be sent to all employees. In this case, approval must be given by the dean.

In exceptional cases (e.g. if no authorised person can be reached), the BIT takes over the dispatch. Depending on the addressees, the approval of the dean or the management for the content of the mail must be given to the FOITT.

Only content that relates to the official tasks of the respective area (sender address) may be sent via the mail distribution list.

For example, mails from the sender address Mitteilungen aus den internen Einrichtungen may not contain a reference to an event of the Faculty of Business and Economics. Another example of improper use is mails to the entire distribution list when a purse is lost.

Care should be taken to avoid attachments where possible. For example, linking to documents on the website is conceivable (contact the webmaster). If attachments cannot be avoided, a PDF should be used instead of an official document. This also serves data protection purposes.

Overall distributor and its sub-distributors (MV overall UWH)

  • Deaneries, internal institutions

Employee mailing list and its sub-distributors (MV employees)

  • Works Council

Mail distribution list for students and its sub-distributors (MV students)

  • Internat. Office, Student Secretariat, Student Society, University Union, Career Service, Student Council, Student Councils

Students who would like to receive a mail to one of the distribution lists should contact the relevant Dean's Office or the Communication Department, depending on the content.

Requests for use deviating from this regulation must be notified to the BIT in writing. The individual case review and decision is then the responsibility of the management.