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Intranet Uni WH | Port SIP

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Services for all

at UW/H

Port SIP

Setup Port SIP App

Start PortSIP via your Apple or Android smartphone.

Enter your university phone number under "User name" and the personal password sent to you by BIT under "Password".

Then enter "voip.uni-wh.de" under "Domain".

Now please click on "Advanced" and not on "Login".

Under "Advanced" please add "voip.uni-wh.de:5062" in the field "Outbound Proxy".

Then enter your personal university phone number in the "Authentication name" and "Display name" fields.

Then select "TLS" at "Transport".

After that you are almost done with the configuration.

Now press "Log in" and navigate to "Settings" at the bottom right and then to "Settings" in the window that appears.

You can now use this mask to make calls with your university phone number via your smartphone.