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Services for all

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Withdrawal | Exmatriculation

A user account can only be made available if there is a contractual relationship with the UW/H. If this relationship expires, the account will be blocked, the mail address will be deactivated and both will be deleted at a later date. The user will be informed in good time by e-mail when the account will be blocked.

If you feel that the upcoming blocking is not correct at the time you have been informed, your superior(s) should immediately clarify this with the responsible office.

  • The Human Resources Department is responsible for the area of employees,
  • for the area of lecturers, faculty members or externals, the respective dean's office,
  • For students/doctoral candidates, the Student Secretariat is responsible. Doctoral students who are not enrolled should contact the BIT.

If you exmatriculate after a study or a doctorate at the UW/H, your mailbox and your UWH mail address remain unchanged! Only additional authorizations, such as access to the intranet, will no longer apply. It is still possible to print out certificates, e.g. the exmatriculation certificate from the campus management system UWE.

If employees use or create work equipment, documents, materials, data carriers or data in the course of their work for the university, UW/H is entitled to all rights thereto. It is not permitted to make copies for the employee's own purposes or to pass them on to third parties.

Therefore, the BIT cannot support you in creating archives of "your" files or e-mails. Private files or e-mails that are not related to your work for the UW/H can of course be taken with you.