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Become a UW/H-Ambassador

As members of the UW/H, you are important ambassadors for our university. With your personal network and your possibilities, you can help to make prospective students, their parents or other multipliers aware of the UW/H and its study programs.

If you would like to help increase awareness of the UW/H and its study programs, you have the following options:

Social Media

Become a follower of UW/H's social media channels and share our posts or create your own posts about our information.


Info offers flyer Are you involved in areas where you could draw attention to the UW/H and the courses offered or do you have contact to suitable persons and institutions? If so, please feel free to pick up our Info Offers flyer, which you are welcome to distribute/display at appropriate opportunities. Simply write an e-mail: kommunikation.marketing@spam protectuni-wh.de


Degree program brochure You are also welcome to distribute the link to our digital study program brochure:


Here prospective students can find all central information about the study programs at UW/H, about our university and about studying in Witten.


Talent scout wanted

Together with you as a talent scout, we would like to attract young people with potential and personality to study at the UW/H.

Find the talented students in your environment who we can offer here in Witten the "future space" and the tools to develop their personality in such a way that they can meet the challenges of a rapidly and profoundly changing world and shape it sustainably. You know from your own experience that our model training prepares young people in a special way for demanding tasks in business, society and healthcare.

What would you have to do as a talent scout? Nothing more, but also nothing less, than to keep an eye out for young talent in your environment and show them the way to Witten. Inspire the young talents of tomorrow to study effectively at the UW/H!

If a future corporate designer enrolls at the University of Witten based on your recommendation, we will thank you with an exclusive "UW/H Talent Scout Hoodie" that is not available for purchase anywhere! Please send us an email to presse@spam protectuni-wh.de with the name of the already enrolled student, your address and the desired size of the hoodie.