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In the window for a new mail you will find the usual "To..." and "Cc..." fields for entering addresses.

In the "Options" menu of the form for the new mail you will find the buttons "Bcc" and "From", which you can activate to get additional input fields for blind copies and the selection of an alternative sender address. External addresses can be entered directly into the address fields as usual.


University members can always be addressed via the global address book. There are basically two ways to do this:

1. by clicking on "To...", "Cc..." or "Bcc..." you open the global address book.

  • By selecting "Name only" and entering the first letters of the last name or by selecting "More columns" and entering the first letters of the first or last name, you can display the corresponding possible recipients.
  • Now select the desired recipient(s) in the display.
  • Accept the selected recipients by clicking "To ->", "Cc ->" or "Bcc ->" in the respective address field.
  • Click "OK" (below) to close the dialog and the selected addresses will be displayed in the address fields of the new mail.

Different symbols are used in the address book. These have the following meaning:

  • one person: a university member with an Outlook mailbox
  • two persons: amail list containing several addresses
  • one person with a small globe: external addresses that become visible via a contact in the global address book.

Tip:In the selection dialog you can also select another e.g. self-created address book in the upper right corner next to the global address book.


2. by entering the first letters of the first or last name of the desired recipient in the "To...", "Cc..." field.

If you have used addresses beginning with the entered letters on the same PC before, these addresses will be offered to you immediately in a pop-up menu so that you can select them quickly. If you can't select the address you want in this way, just type the first letters of the name and then click "Check Names". Outlook will then suggest all matching entries of the address book from which you can then select the desired address.