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Do not use Jitsi over Citrix, as it is a real-time application and will not work properly.

Also, Jitsi can quickly hide as a hidden icon and reappear via the taskbar arrow at the bottom right.

Setup Jitsi App

After the BIT has installed the Jitsi App on the university workstation, it can be easily started via the Windows Start menu or the desktop.

At the first start a wizard appears, please "Cancel" it.

After that, please click "Tools" in the Jitsi window first and then select "Settings".

Click on "Add" in the settings.

Select "SIP" as network and enter your university extension followed by @voip.uni-wh.de at "SIP identifier".

In the "Password" field, please enter the password specially assigned by the BIT.

Then click on "Advanced", not on "Add".

Under "Connection", uncheck "Configure proxy server automatically" and enter "voip.uni-wh.de" as the proxy server with port "5062" in the field below.

Select "TLS" as "Preferred Transport".

Then navigate to "Security" and expand "Advanced encryption settings".

Then activate "SDES" and deactivate "ZRTP" and "DTLS-SRTP".

At the bottom, set "RTP/SAVP Transport Attribute" to "Mandatory (offer and accept RTP/SAVP)".

Now click on "Next" at the bottom, which will take you to the settings summary.

Now press "Log in" and close the settings window.

Next, select the respective "Speaker" with associated "Microphone" in the settings under "Audio" and then deactivate both "Enable Echo Cancellation" and "Enable Noise Cancellation".

Then navigate to "Advanced" and set "SIP Port (outgoing)" and SIP TLS Port (outgoing) to "5062".

The settings can then be closed.

The setup is now complete, you are logged in and can make calls.

JITSI app on a private Windows computer, e.g. for the home office

If you do not have a classic phone at work, but work with the JITSI app there, it is also possible to use the app on a private computer, such as in the home office. Using a classic phone in combination with an app is not possible but leads to some problems.


Download the latest Jitsi version for Windows from this website: https://desktop.jitsi.org/Main/Download


Install Jitsi on your private one, unchecking "XMPP" in the Additional Tasks window.

The setup works as described above.