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Services for all

at UW/H

Teaching, further Education and Training

Education for Sustainable Development at UW/H

At UW/H, there are a number of continuing education courses and courses that address issues of social-ecological transformation.

Students from all faculties have the opportunity to deal with current issues of a socio-ecological transformation at Stufu.

The courses in the focus area "Sustainability and Transformation" address a broad spectrum of currently pressing sustainability debates from politics and society as well as the scientific foundations of planetary boundaries. In addition, some courses are designed as transformative courses that make it possible to experience and learn ways and methods for individual and social change.

The courses can be found at MEINE-UWH.DE in the subsection "Sustainability".

The university didactics programme offers a number of further training courses on Education for Sustainable Development in university teaching.

The further education programme for employees also offers workshops on sustainability in everyday (working) life.