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How do I set the central printer as the default printer?

Windows 7: Start (bottom left) -> Devices and Printers -> Right-click on the desired printer -> Set as default printer.

Windows 10 always automatically sets the printer you last used as the default printer.

I cannot find the "central printer" in my printer selection.

Please contact the BIT (tel. 857 or email bit-support@uni-wh.de). We will then immediately check why the printer was not connected.

I do not have a SmartCard. I cannot log in with my SmartCard.

Please contact hilfe@spam protectuni-wh.de. We will then inform you how the problem can be solved quickly.

When I try to log in with my SmartCard, I get the information that my SmartCard is not registered in the system.

Please contact hilfe@spam protectuni-wh.de. We will then inform you how the problem can be solved quickly.

What is the best way to wake the unit from sleep mode?

Please press the flashing button on the far right.

How can I see or delete my print jobs waiting for approval?
  • On the devices themselves: In the menu where you can release the print jobs, you can also delete them
  • In the web interface
How is the paper supply of the MFPs organised?

As before, paper supply is the responsibility of the users.

Who takes care of toner replacement or other maintenance?

This is done by the facility management. The units send a mail on their own in case they need any kind of service, so you generally don't have to worry about informing your colleagues yourself.

I want to print on A3 or other unusual size paper for which none of the paper trays have the correct setting.

You can select - preferably in consultation with other typical users of a particular machine - any paper tray for the new paper type in which you move the green size adjustment controls so that the paper you need fits exactly within that boundary. The machine recognises the size of the paper by the slider setting and automatically uses the paper in that tray when you print a document in that size.

(Alternatively, when printing, you can also set the "Paper Feed" to use exactly this paper tray, in which case "Ignore" must be selected for "Paper Type").

The machine displays "Paper empty" although paper is present

This is usually because the paper you have is not the right size. To check this, please select the "Paper empty" button at the bottom left. All jobs that have been released but not yet printed are then displayed. Select a job and then click on "Detail" on the right. The paper type required for printing the document (e.g. A3) is then displayed. Then please check whether paper of this type is really available.

If you want to print the document on a paper type other than the one originally requested in the document, you can also select a different paper type, e.g. DIN A4, in the detail view (see above) via the "Paper selection" button.

Special Papierty, but paper trays are empty. After registration everyone can see my job.

I have selected a certain paper type for a print job, but the corresponding paper trays are empty and I have no suitable paper available at the moment. Now when I log off, the control panel displays "Paper Empty" at the bottom left, which can be selected without logging on, so that everyone can see my job.

Select the "Paper Empty" display, then select your job and select "Stop/Delete" to delete the job or "Details" to get another menu where you can exceptionally select another paper type.

When I use the logout button, nothing happens. How can I log out?

Select "Copy" in the top line of the control panel. Afterwards, the logout also works.