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Intranet Uni WH | FAQ telephoning

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Services for all

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FAQ telephoning

Telephoning in general

How does the exchange function work?

With the new phones and with the app, an outside line is no longer necessary, but you type in the destination number without the previously preceding 0, e.g. 0151-2255667788 or 040-999887766.

Can I always leave out the outside line?

Yes, with one exception, telephone numbers in Witten must be entered with the area code of Witten, e.g. 02302 556677.

Jitsi App

How do I set up call forwarding in the Jitsi APP?

Go to "Tools", "Automatic answer and call forwarding", select your number and enter the call number to be forwarded to in the lower selection field. Confirm with OK and the call forwarding is immediately active.