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Intranet Uni WH | Android/iOS

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Services for all

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Using the ActiveSync protocol, many mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used as Exchange clients, i.e. they can access their UWH mailbox incl. their personal contacts and calendar entries.


For all devices, when configuring your mailbox, you usually only need to provide a few pieces of information so that our server's "autodiscover" feature will find the rest of the required info on its own:


Email address: Vorname.Nachname@uni-wh.de

Password: Password (as used for WLAN, Webmail, UWE etc.)


In case the autodiscover procedure does not work, you will probably be asked to enter all or some of the following additional data:

Domain: uwh

Server: owa.uni-wh.de

SSL: activate (encrypted connection)

Username: your username (as for Windows- , WLAN- or OWA-login)


With these settings, you should be able to include your mailbox on your smartphone/tablet. In addition, you will probably have the option to set the frequency with which new mail is retrieved from the server or to select the items to be synchronized (mail, calendar entries, contacts, etc.).

Apple's instructions for configuring your iPhone can be found here:


In the Android world, menu navigation varies from device to device. Here are some links to the instructions of the most important manufacturers:


Huawei (click on your model, then enter "Exchange" in the search field below)

Sony (Enter "Activesync" in the search box at the top right -> Enter your model name in the input line for filtering the results).


Help of all kinds for countless Android devices can be found here: