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Authorizations or their revocation can only be submitted by the supervisor or a person authorized for this area.

Applications can only be submitted by this person via the online form, i.e. access rights cannot be entered for the same person submitting the application.

Requests that deviate from this, e.g. by e-mail, will not be considered.

Access rights for temporary staff and external persons are only granted for a limited period of time.

To obtain authorization to maintain the UW/H homepage or intranet in your area, please contact Web Support(websupport@spam protectuni-wh.de).

Authorizations in the area of Moodle are assigned by the Moodle officers of the faculty/department.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions about access rights )

How do I get access to a directory of the team drive (T:)?

The required access rights are requested from the BIT by the supervisor via an online form.

Access rights to parts of the T-drive can be entered for a limited or unlimited period. In the case of an unlimited access right, this only ends with the deactivation and subsequent deletion of the account, for example when an employee leaves the UW/H, i.e. it does not end with the expiry of an employment contract.

Why is access to data on the team drive (T:) suddenly no longer possible?

Check whether the T-drive is still displayed in Explorer at all. If this is not the case, please log in again. If the problem still exists, please contact the BIT.

If the T-drive is displayed but you can no longer access a certain directory to which you had access until recently, then most likely a temporary access authorisation has expired. This often happens with contract renewals, as permissions are granted regardless of contract status. In this case, your supervisor(s) would have to submit an appropriate request for the extension or, if necessary, deferral of your access right via the Request for Access Authorisations form.