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Intranet Uni WH | Registration via smartcard

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at UW/H

Services for all

at UW/H

Registration via smartcard

Please use your SmartCard to log on to the devices. To do this, simply place the card on the marked area near the controls - you will then hear a beep confirming that the card has been read.

If you...

  • do not have a smart card
  • do not hear a beep when inserting the card
  • receive a message on the display that the card is not known,

...then please contact us at: BIT-Support@spam protectuni-wh.de.

If you receive a message that you are not authorized to use the device, you have probably tried to log on to one of the employees' devices as a student or vice versa. If you are a student working as a temporary employee and can also use the employee devices (free of charge), please read the section Requesting free use.



Here you can find general information about the SmartCard