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Services for all

at UW/H

Access data

Access data will be issued upon receipt of a fully completed initial application, the original of which has been submitted to the BIT.


New employees can pick up their access data and a SmartCard on their first day of work at the BIT. It is desirable to make an appointment for the collection in advance.

For employees who are not based in Witten, the supervisor has to send an information mail to the bit support that the access data should be sent by mail. These will then be sent to the new employee at the postal address indicated on the initial application. There will be no mailing of the smart card; it must be picked up in person at the earliest opportunity.


Students receive the access data for their account through the Student Secretariat at the time of their enrollment. This is usually done by sending the access data by mail. The applicant access data will be deactivated at this time. If enrollment is done from site, this data will be handed out directly, but cannot be fully used until the following day.

Lecturers/Faculty Members/Externals

After receipt of the completed initial application, the access data will be sent by mail to the address entered in the initial application.

Guest access

If longer-term access for a guest is desired, please contact the appropriate dean's office.

The UW/H also offers a guest WLAN, which can be used without access data and without having a user account.