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Intranet Uni WH | Working in the web browser instead of with the Citrix Workspace App

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Working in the web browser instead of with the Citrix Workspace App

If you are using a terminal device on which you cannot install the Citrix Workspace App (e.g. on a company/clinic PC or in an Internet café) or if you have technical problems with the Workspace App, you can also work with a web browser. To do so, please log in here:


If you are offered a "Discover Citrix Workspace App" button after logging in, please select"Use light version" instead.

If you are shown some icons of programs or desktops directly after logging in ("Citrix Storefront" appears in the upper left corner), please click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and then"Account Settings". Now click on"Change Citrix Workspace app". You will now be given the option to select"Use light version" (see above).

If you now start an app or a desktop in this portal, this happens in a new browser tab that opens automatically. One difference to working with the Citrix Workspace app, however, is that you cannot access your local drives directly with the programs available in the HomeOffice, as these are not redirected to the HomeOffice session.

Exchange data between end device and HomeOffice session Please select the semicircular icon with the menu symbol at the top of the screen, which changes into a circular icon when you touch it with the mouse pointer and offers several functions after clicking on it, including download (file transfer from the session to your end device) and upload (file transfer from your end device to the session).