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Below you will find information about mail attachments in Outlook:

Activate the "Insert" toolbar (at the top of the screen) and select "Attach File" to attach any file to your mail or "Attach Item", "Business Card" or "Calendar" to insert Outlook managed items into your mail.

IMPORTANT: Please note that a mail must not be larger than 50MB!
If you want to send larger amounts of data, please compress them first or contact BIT support so that we can offer you another solution option.


When you receive a mail with one or more attachments, this is marked in the inbox with a paperclip icon. You can then...
display them in a preview:
By clicking on the attachment once (not twice!). You will then get a preview of the contents, if Outlook can provide a preview for the file type.

by double-clicking on the attachment, then select "Open".
ATTENTION: If you get the information "Outlook has blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments" in the header of the mail, please contact BIT support.

With a right click on the attachment, then select "Save as".
You should always save your documents on one of the network drives (usually T:) to exclude data loss due to accidental deletion or a defect of your PC's hard disk.
You can also edit an open attachment directly, and replace the original version of the attachment in the mail with your edited version. To do this, first open the mail, then the attachment and save it after editing, e.g. with "save" (instead of "save as"). When closing the mail whose attachment you have edited, you will be asked if you really want to overwrite the original version.

By forwarding the mail like any other mail without attachments. If you want to forward the mail without the attachments, just delete the entries in the "Attached" line before sending.

By right-clicking on the attachment to open a context menu and selecting "Remove attachment".