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Intranet Uni WH | Initial application

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Services for all

at UW/H

Services for all

at UW/H

Initial application

The initial application is the prerequisite for granting access to the UW/H IT systems. It must be completed in full and signed and submitted to the BIT in original (paper form).

The form is usually sent to you with the contract documents or with the enrollment documents. Alternatively, it can also be downloaded here(see below).

Please note: If one of the mandatory fields of the application is not filled in or is filled in illegibly, the application cannot be processed!

The mandatory fields are:

  • Address
  • First name
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Faculty/Department or UW/H-Institution
  • Age of majority (yes/no)
  • Date

With his signature the applicant acknowledges the IT Framework User Regulations and confirms (if applicable) the receipt of the smartcard and his or her consent to the storage of personal data on the smartcard.