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Team mailboxes


Do you need a mailbox with a non-personalized e-mail address such as "BIT-Support@uni-wh.de" for an area or a project?

Then please send us an email from your UWH mailbox to BIT-Support@spam protectuni-wh.de and tell us the desired email address, the access permissions and their permission level (possible here are "full access" and "full access without delete permission").


Please note:


  • Access to team mailboxes is only possible with Outlook or Outlook Web Access or Outlook Web Access for mobile devices.
  • You do not need special access data for team mailboxes, but you include the team mailbox in your personal mailbox of the form vorname.nachname@uni-wh.de and this mailbox contains your permissions.
  • Please do not access the mailbox directly, but include it as described here: Including mailboxes in Outlook


How to use a team mailbox for serial mails:

If you want to send personalized serial mails with Excel as data source, where the sender address is *not* your personal address but the address of another mailbox, please create an additional Outlook profile. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "Start" (bottom left) -> Control Panel (Windows 10: Type the first letters of "Control Panel". The icon will then be displayed immediately) -> User Accounts -> Email.
  2. Then click on "Show profiles" -> Add
  3. As the name of the profile, it is best to choose the name of the mailbox from which the mails are to be sent
  4. After clicking "OK" you will get a dialog where you should delete the existing entries for e-mail address and name so that all fields are empty.
  5. Enter the address of the mailbox you want to send from as the e-mail address and leave the fields for the passwords (and your name) empty. -> Next -> Finish
  6. In the "Mail" dialog you will now see at least two profiles. Activate here "Confirm profile to use" and finish the setup of the new profile with "OK".

When you start Outlook now, you will always be asked for the profile to use. Normally you use the profile "Outlook". But if you want to send serial mails with the other mailbox as sender, just choose the profile you created as described above. The mailbox set in this profile will now be used automatically.