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Welcome to the Café larix!


The journey of the bean:

Grown in Tanzania, picked and dried by local workers who are paid fairly, inspected and purchased without middlemen, arriving in Germany after a short journey, stored and roasted on site in Witten Annen, a short distance from the university, transformed into affordable, high-quality coffee. The coffee grounds are given free of charge as fertiliser to private people and initiatives in the area and serve as fertiliser for fruit and vegetable cultivation. In this way, the bean completes the cycle that begins in the soil of Africa, in the soil of Witten, and becomes part of the natural, worldwide cycle again.

Coffee is not a sustainable product per se, but an indispensable luxury food (even if many people think otherwise :-) ). But even such a consumer good can be presented in a fairer and more sustainable way. Of course, this requires commitment, dedication and the will to change in order to enjoy coffee with a clear conscience.

Sustainability, not as an empty phrase or cheaply bought label, but as a fundamental attitude, is the task of the HSW and its institutions.

Rethinking products, product paths, packaging, processing, tasting, researching, communicating.

Being a role model in regional networking, fair dealings with suppliers, the highest quality standards for the product.

From people for people in mutual respect, dignity and decency before nature.

In this way, the building's claim to sustainability is reflected in the smallest details of the catering business.

Markus Gruschke - Operations Manager Café LARIX

Born in Witten, studied Media Studies, German Studies & Philosophy at the RUB, thirty years of cumulative gastronomic experience in various positions and structures.

Markus Gruschke has incorporated the experience gained from his professional career as an editor for technical product descriptions, social media representative, technician for the maintenance of fully automatic coffee machines, sales representative for hygiene systems/concepts in nursing homes, hospitals and large-scale gastronomy into the conceptual design and day-to-day business of Cafe LARIX.

He is responsible for breaking down the UW/H sustainability concept into all the detailed areas of café operation. He is particularly concerned with adapting the advantages and quality of owner-operated gastronomy to larger structures. Fair working structures and the integration of the personal concerns of his team are the basis of his management philosophy.

As a localista from Witten, it is a pleasure for him to use his well-developed network to structure the operation of Café LARIX and other HSW structures for the local environment and suppliers as well.

Susanne Hertling - Food & Catering

Born in Bochum, trained as a confectioner, Susanne Hertling is responsible for serving food in the café area, quality control, incoming goods inspection and supports the cafeteria and café management in planning and implementing catering requests. Furthermore, her main field of activity is spreading good humour, in her incomparable "Susi" way.

Team LARIX / Barista

Our service team consists of UW/H students from a wide variety of departments. They are introduced to barista work by Markus Gruschke and Dominik Münstermann (cooperation partner & owner of Kijamii Café/Roasting House) and trained to meet the high quality standards of Café LARIX. In addition to their actual work, the employees contribute to the structure of the café operation in a variety of ways.

Apart from the possibility of an attractive additional income, the employees can also gain insight into the business processes due to the flat hierarchies and gain this experience for their own concepts of future, independent work. Enjoyment of the creative process, commitment, the ability to work in a team and respect and recognition for the work done are the philosophy of the HSW team.

The smile for our guests is not artificial, but arises from the satisfying activity and recognition of this.

Kijamii Café and Roastery

Supplier and producer of our espresso & filter coffee beans.

Witten roastery, run by Dominik Münstermann, medical student at UW/H. Fair trade, highest quality and transparency are the maxims of our cooperation partner, who also trains the barista team.


Supplier of the deposit cup system

With our partner, who is one of the market leaders in Germany, we are breaking through the problem of cardboard waste in the to-go business. One RECUP cup replaces up to 1000 disposable cups and keeps the flavours of the product without a cardboardy aftertaste. In the Witten area, UW/H is a pioneer for this product, hoping that many local companies will join the system.

Fritz Kola

Producer of lemonades

There is not much to write about the Hamburg guys, great lemonades and Kola products, produced in Germany, the opposite of the big, bad brother with the red label.

David Rio

Producer Chai Tea

The fair trade tea, the basis for our chai varieties, supports various animal welfare projects, so every sip of chai helps endangered species worldwide.

Viva con Agua

Producer of mineral water

Viva con Agua de St. Pauli e. V. is a non-profit development organisation founded in 2006 with its headquarters in Hamburg-St. Pauli. The international network of people and organisations campaigns worldwide for safe access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation.


Various suppliers

Our food is purchased regionally, in Demeter quality depending on requirements and intended use. Changing suppliers according to seasonality and ability to deliver. Our sustainable philosophy is based on purchasing as few goods as possible from wholesalers and/or frozen goods.

Regional and seasonal, if possible in organic quality, sustainable through short transport routes with our own e-bike.


Are you a supplier/cooperative that sells products that are interesting for our portfolio? Please feel free to contact us.


 Markus Gruschke

Markus Gruschke

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