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at UW/H


at UW/H

Sustainability Network Office

The Sustainability Networking Office advocates for a social-ecological transformation of UW/H by.

  • Enabling, supporting and initiating change,
  • jointly implementing and reminding measures, as well as
  • advising on and networking around sustainability issues.

Sustainability concerns campus operations (including mobility, energy and building management, and procurement) as well as the university's core areas of teaching, research, and transfer. In addition, the student-led initiative laboratory is located at the Sustainability Network Office.

The networking office, which is located at the President's Office, is the contact for all university employees. If you have any questions or ideas for projects or cooperations, please do not hesitate to contact the Networking Office!


Annaliesa Hilger

Dr. Annaliesa Hilger

  • Leitung
  • Vernetzungsstelle Nachhaltigkeit

      +49 2302 / 926-921

      Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50
      58455 Witten