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Services for all

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User portal telephony

Personal university telephone numbers can be managed via a user portal to control calls with softphones or classic telephones. In this user portal, functions such as answering machine, call list, forwarding, address book, etc. can be viewed and operated centrally. To do this, log on to the following website with your UW/H access data: https://voip.uni-wh.de/

In the User Portal you can see a preconfigured dashboard with dashboard widgets and side bar widgets (mini-applications). All dashboard widgets except CALL PROCEDURE, CONTACTS and CALL REQUESTOR are also accessible from the side bar. Each window of a mini-application can be moved, resized individually and fixed via the "lock". The "X" deletes a widget.

In CALL PROCEDURE, incoming and outgoing phone calls can be tracked exactly, including date, time and duration.

Within CONTACTS all persons from the central address book of the UW/H are displayed. In addition, groups with individual contacts can be added.

Within CALL REQUESTOR, personal announcements for conditions such as unavailable or busy can be uploaded and recorded. Messages are sent to the UW/H email address.

CALL FORWARDING allows calls to be forwarded in the "Unconditional", "Unavailable" as well as "Busy" cases. If all three functions are deactivated, the phone or softphone will ring for 60 seconds and then play a standard absence greeting ("default"). In the settings, you can use the "CallForward Ringtimer" to specify the number of seconds (up to 120) before the answering machine should become active after a forwarding has been performed, as well as selecting "default" and "always". "Always" will be active if there is no answering machine and no alternative route. If "Unconditional" is active, then the call is forwarded to a entered phone number without any condition. If "Unavailable" is turned on, forwarding will occur provided the app or phone is turned off. "Busy" comes into effect if you are already on a call. Note: A busy tone will not play on another incoming call. Likewise, "Busy" is overridden if "Call waiting" is turned on. If both "Busy" and "Call waiting" are disabled, the default out of office greeting will be played.

By means of FOLDER MIR it can be determined list-wise, prioritized from top to bottom, which numbers should ring after which strategy and after how many seconds.

With ANKLOPFEN calls can be put on hold and further calls can be accepted.

PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB blocks all calls and triggers the standard absence announcement.