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Services for all

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Video Conferencing, Mobile Equipment


The UW/H provides the Logitech BCC950 All-in-one video conferencing solution for hybrid seminars. A hybrid event means that lecturers and students can also be connected online at the real course.

This system is an all-in-one video conferencing system. The BCC950 offers a webcam with adjustable viewing angle and a microphone that provides recordings in understandable quality even at a greater distance. In addition, a remote control can be used to control the system.

This video conferencing solution works according to the Plug & Play principle. An installation of drivers is not necessary. The BCC950 is fully integrated with several video conferencing software, such as Zoom.

The following rooms are equipped for mobile videoconferencing:

  • Church of the Redeemer
  • Martin-Luther congregation church hall
  • Martin-Luther congregation church hall
  • Unique
  • 1.152
  • CE 006 (in modular construction)


To use the Logitech BCC950, a PC/notebook (Windows or Mac) with at least one USB port is required. The power is supplied via a separate power connection, which is provided either via a power socket or via a second USB port on the PC/notebook. The cables for this are included in the scope of delivey.

List of equipment:

  • Base station with loudspeaker
  • Desk stand
  • Webcam with autofocus lens
  • Remote control
  • Power cable with adapter for one socket
  • Power cable for connection to a second USB port
  • Original packaging for storing the hardware
(Photo: UW/H)

Base station with loudspeaker

(Photo: UW/H)

Webcam with autofocus lens

(Photo: UW/H)

Power cable with adapter for one socket

(Photo: UW/H)

Power cable for connection to a second USB port

(Photo: UW/H)

Remote control

  1.     Place the base station in a suitable location with a firm base.

  2.     Plug the desk stand into the base station.

  3.     Place the webcam on the desk stand.

  4.     Connect the base station to your PC/notebook.

  5.     Plug the power cable into the base station and the adapter into the power socket.

  6. Your operating system will now automatically set up the Logitech BCC950.

Note: The power cable for connecting to a second USB port is optional. It is only needed if you do not have a free power socket available.

Prerequisite: The Zoom Client is already installed on your PC/notebook.

The installation of the Zoom client is possible without administrator rights and can therefore be carried out independently, even on UWH devices.

You can obtain the latest Zoom Client here: https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

  1. Start the Zoom Client.
  2. Open the Zoom settings. To do this, right-click on the Zoom icon in the taskbar.
  3. In the menu items Video and Audio, set the BCC950 as camera, loudspeaker and microphone. The Zoom client also offers you a test of the components there.