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E-mail archives

If you are not exclusively a student, alumni or doctoral student due to your status at UW/H, you automatically received a mail archive when your mailbox was moved to the new server (Exchange 2013), into which all mails older than two years are permanently moved.

However, you still retain full access to all your mails, i.e. also to the archived mails. (See below for more details on how to use the archive).

At the same time, the size limit of your mailbox will be completely removed. So you will no longer receive warnings about the almost exhausted capacity of your mailbox. (The limit of 1GB for students/alumni/doctoral candidates remains, however).

  • Both Outlook on your PC and the server are relieved of various routine jobs, which no longer have to process the entire data volume but only the more recent mails. You benefit from this by working more smoothly with Outlook.

  • With large mailboxes containing the mails of the last 10 (and more) years, there were always problems with the synchronisation of the mailbox on the hard disk of the PC or notebook, which could only be solved with a lot of manual work. These problems will largely disappear with the new concept.

  • Our primary storage system, which is comparatively very expensive per gigabyte, will be considerably relieved by archiving, which will save the resources of the UW/H. The quoting of mailboxes, which is often a nuisance for you (and us), will finally become superfluous through archiving (see above).

  • The archiving concept is also the basis for further archiving of some mailboxes with regard to the legally required retention of mails that have the character of business letters.

In Outlook and in Outlook Web Access (owa.uni-wh.de), you will now also find an entry for your archive mailbox "Archive - <your mail address>" on the left under your known primary mailbox, in which you will find all mails older than two years in the same folder structure that you created in your primary mailbox.

If you search for mails in your primary mailbox as usual, all hits in the mails of the last two years are now displayed.

If you would also like to find older mails, please click on "Search again in All Mail Items" at the bottom of the search results.  You will then receive hits for all mails in the primary and archive mailboxes. If you want to search all mails in general, you can set this in Outlook: -> File -> Options -> Search -> In the "Results" section, please select: Only show results from "All folders".

If you use a notebook and access your mails offline, please note that in this status you will only see your mails from the last two years because the mail archive is not synchronised to your notebook. (Otherwise the disadvantages of the previous solution would be present again - see above).

The archive cannot be used via IMAP or ActiveSync (mobile phone). If you have used Outlook via IMAP so far, you can now simply integrate your mailbox with the native Outlook protocol to get full access to the archive. You can find more details here. Otherwise, please also note our offer for the free use of Office 365 Pro Plus (includes Outlook 2016).