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Services for all

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Microsoft Office

Office 365 ProPlus" isnot the "cloud" version of the Office package, but software that you can install on your computer and use offline. This means that your documents are not stored on Microsoft's own servers unless you explicitly want this. Functionally, the individual programs such as Word, Excel, etc. correspond to the "Office 2019" package.

Office 365 Pro Plus runs on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, so it also runs on tablets and smartphones, although the functional scope of the package varies depending on the operating system. For example, Access only runs on Windows.

You can use this offer as long as you are enrolled or employed at the university, as long as Microsoft keeps it that way.

How to download Office 365 Pro Plus:

  1. Log in to Microsoft:https: //myaccount.microsoft.com Use your UW/H email address and UW/H password to log in.
  2. Click "Office Apps" on the left, then click "Install Office."
  3. Follow the instructions provided by Microsoft.

Please understand that we cannot assist you in installing the Office package on your home computer. If you need help, please contactMicrosoft.