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Other Services

We distribute merchandise for Witten/Herdecke University. We have set up an online shop for this purpose.

We are particularly proud of our 2021 collection "uw/h X ettics". This collection is certified organic, vegan and much more. You can see and try it on at ettics in Ruhrstraße 10, 58452 Witten.

As a service of the Hochschulwerk, we are available to you as a lost property office. If you have lost or found something, you can hand it in or ask for it during the opening hours of our office.

Please remember that we cannot store hygienically unsafe items or food. Furthermore, we store all items for three months. After that, all data carriers are deleted, textiles are donated. Valuables such as keys go to the municipal lost property office and books can then be found in the library.

You can order books for your studies at the Bücherstube Herdecke at any time. The long-standing cooperation allows you to receive competent and friendly advice.

As a student, you even get discounts and free delivery to the HSW office. You can find out everything else on the Bücherstube homepage.


The copiers, scanners and printers are available to students and staff at all times. You can simply top up your SmartCard with the appropriate amount of credit at the top-up machines in the cafeteria and in the new building, as well as at the refectory checkout.

You can print via e-mail or, if you are connected to one of the university networks, via the web interface. On this web interface, you can also check your credit balance or keep track of your expenses in the cafeteria.

You can find instructions on how to print by email and via the web interface here. There is also an overview of all available printing options and instructions.

Soon you will be able to rent a cargo bike from us. More information will follow.

You can apply for an international student ID card on the ISIC website.

All students at Witten/Herdecke University are members of the Hochschulwerk. In this sense, the Hochschulwerk belongs to the students and the team (board of directors, supervisory board, management etc.) represent the interests of the students.

Therefore, it is important to us to encourage you to consider your suggestions, criticism and ideas as a participatory element of the Hochschulwerk. Please come to your general meeting and/or contact us, e.g. by sending an email to: hsw-anregungenukritik@spam protectuni-wh.de.

Furthermore, there are participatory elements such as the possibility to stand for election as a board member, as a student representative on the supervisory board and as a team member of the social committee in the general meetings. Vacancies are always published by email and on Instagram.