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Intranet Uni WH | General information for support requests

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Services for all

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General information for support requests

In order to be able to help you quickly and efficiently in the event of IT problems, we need you to send an e-mail to BIT-Support@spam protectuni-wh.de with as concrete an explanation of the problem as possible and a meaningful subject.

If you follow these simple rules we can solve your IT problems much faster. Thank you!



  • "Outlook won't show me new mail" instead of: "Help!"
  • "Adobe Acrobat requires login?" instead of "Request".
  • "Unable to access T:\healthhumanmedicine" instead of "I can't work"


  • "Outlook is not showing me on my PC DT-19999 a new mail sent to me today from the mail address Heinz.Mustermann@spam protectgmx.de " instead of "I can't retrieve my mail."
  • "When I start Adobe Acrobat on my notebook NB-18888, I get an error message saying I need to log in. However, my password is not accepted" instead of: "Adobe Acrobat is not working".
  • "This morning when I clicked on T:\gesundheit\humanmedizin, I received an error message that I am not authorized. However, my contract is still in effect" instead of: "I cannot access drive T."

So this is the information your mail should contain:

  • A subject as meaningful as possible
  • Type and (for university-owned hardware) number of the device you are working with. In case of printers, the name of the printer you have printed on.
  • Software you are working with
  • What actions trigger the error messages or the computer's misbehavior.
  • Which error message you receive or how the misbehavior looks concretely
  • Often a screenshot, i.e. a "photo" of your screen is very helpful in this context - you will find a short instruction on how to do this below.
  • Your telephone number or extension

How to create a screenshot:

  1. Click Start (Windows logo on the bottom left), and then type the first letters of "Snipping" -> Click the icon of the program or desktop app (Windows 10) that appears as a search result.
  2. Then click "New", use the mouse to highlight the relevant screen section, and then click "Edit" -> "Copy". This puts the screenshot on the clipboard, from which you can paste it into your email using "Ctrl + v".