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Info for students

at the UW/H

Info for students

at the UW/H

Become a UW/H Ambassador

As students, you are important ambassadors for the UW/H. What you say about the UW/H carries weight with prospective students, parents and other groups of people. Through your statements about and reports on the UW/H, you paint a picture of the UW/H and convey a certain impression of the UW/H to outsiders. You can best and above all give prospective students and other groups of people an authentic insight into the degree programs and studies at the UW/H.

The Communication & Marketing Department offers students the following opportunities below to participate in marketing the UW/H and thus contribute to keeping our university diverse and vibrant. We greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide!

If you have basic questions about marketing or ideas about how we can raise awareness of UW/H and its degree offerings, please feel free to contact us.

In this way, you can help to inspire prospective students to come to UW/H:

Student Pool

If you would like to be involved in UW/H marketing efforts, get signed up for our student pool and we will keep you informed when we need student support.

Online reviews

Evaluations on the Internet are essential for the UW/H: They are the first decision-making aids for prospective students as to whether a university is attractive to them or not. Prospective students are particularly interested in negative or critical comments made by students at a university. Too many bad evaluations can lead to prospective students deciding against a university in advance.

Evaluations also have an influence on the position in which the UW/H is listed in the search results of Internet search engines. The number, timeliness, and content of reviews contribute to whether or not search engines consider a website relevant and thus display it in top positions in search results. Therefore, it is important for UW/H to get as many reviews as possible and also to keep getting new reviews.

Reviews on Google as well as on the study portal StudyCHECK are important for the UW/H. At StudyCHECK, the UW/H also has the chance to win an award if we receive more than 100 reviews per year. StudyCHECK also gives away attractive prizes to all reviewers, such as Apple AirPods, Ikea vouchers, and more.

Please rate the UW/H and your study program:

Testimonials (print, video)

We are regularly looking for people who sum up the uniqueness and special features of UW/H and its degree programs as well as student life in Witten in short text or video messages. These so-called testimonials are used on the UW/H website uni-wh.de, in print materials, online advertorials, or in info events for prospective students, social media postings, and on other occasions. This is what a testimonial can look like:

If you would like to participate, get in touch using this form and we will contact you and let you know everything you need to know:

Information offers for prospective students and multipliers

We offer various information services for prospective students and multipliers, such as online info events, on-site taster days, and others. We always include UW/H students here, who engage in exchange with the participants and report on their degree programs and studying at UW/H and in Witten.

If you would like to participate, please fill out this form and we will contact you and tell you everything you need to know:

Introduce degree programs to schools - Become a UW/H Ambassador!

The main target group for UW/H's undergraduate degree programs are high school students. Many students are not yet familiar with the UW/H and its study programs. The student initiative "UW/H-Ambassadors" has set itself the goal to make the UW/H known at schools and to show what makes the UW/H so special, i.e. to represent the "Witten spirit" and the special atmosphere at the UW/H. The students should learn how worthwhile the UW/H is for their own studies. The students should learn how worthwhile a study at the UW/H is for their own future - and you as students are the best ambassadors for this!

The concept is to send students in groups of two to four to a school in order to present the study programs of the UW/H there. The students give a short presentation, which is provided by the initiative, and distribute flyers and merchandise to the students.

A school visit will ideally take place at your former school. However, the initiative and the UW/H are also happy if visits to several schools are possible.

As a thank you, there will be a here-we-grow t-shirt for everyone who participates. There is also a special agreement for students of the Faculty of Economics & Society.

For more information, please contact Jan Herwig of the initiative at jan.herwig@spam protectuni-wh.de.

Career and study information fairs

We regularly represent the UW/H at career and study information fairs in the surrounding area. For each fair, we put together a team of students who inform prospective students at the fair in one-on-one meetings about the study opportunities and studying at the UW/H.

If you would like to participate, please register using this form and we will contact you and let you know everything you need to know:

Flyer info offers UW/H

Do you have the opportunity to display a UW/H flyer for prospective students at suitable locations or distribute it at suitable events? Then please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with our flyer Infoangebote für Studieninteressierte.

Talent scout wanted

Together with you as a talent scout, we would like to attract young people with potential and personality to study at UW/H.

Find the talented students in your environment whom we offer here in Witten the "future space" and the tools to develop their personality in such a way that they can meet the challenges of a rapidly and profoundly changing world and shape it sustainably. You know from your own experience that our model training prepares young people in a special way for demanding tasks in business, society and healthcare.

What would you have to do as a talent scout? Nothing more, but also nothing less, than to keep an eye out for young talent in your environment and show them the way to Witten. Inspire the young talents of tomorrow to study effectively at the UW/H!

If a future corporate designer enrolls at the University of Witten based on your recommendation, we will thank you with an exclusive "UW/H Talent Scout Hoodie" that is not available for purchase anywhere! Please send us an email to presse@spam protectuni-wh.de with the name of the already enrolled student, your address and the desired size of the hoodie.