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Info for students

at the UW/H

Info for students

at the UW/H

Info for new students at the UW/H


Welcome to Witten/Herdecke University. This page is intended to provide you with a lot of practical information and to make it easier for you to get started in student life.

The student page at uni-wh.de also provides a good overview.

Everything at a glance

Are you interested in a stay abroad? We have compiled everything you need to know for you here.

Please note the special rules that apply to the use of the library. Information in detail can be found on the University Library page.

Internships & jobs, recruitment events and information as well as tips on how to apply can be found here.

Information on the topic of diversity and inclusion at the UW/H can be found here.

The Hochschulwerk Witten/Herdecke e.V. (HSW) is a student initiative founded in 1986 as the first private student union. All students enrolled at UWH are members. The HSW provides support in cases of social hardship through its social committee. Other services offered by the Studentenwerk include the operation of the cafeteria, a wide range of university sports, book orders, the issuing of international student ID cards, its shop with UW/H merchandise, and much more. The payment of a social contribution and the university semester ticket is now obligatory for every student. Further information at: https://intranet.uni-wh.de/en/study/hochschulwerk/home

Information on dealing with generative AI at UW/H can be found here.

Witten/Herdecke University thrives on the commitment and cooperation of all students, staff and employees. In addition to the opportunities for students to participate in the academic committees and working groups, there are a large number of student initiatives. You can find an overview of the initiatives on the University Homepage. Please also speak to the organisers of the introductory days and your fellow students.

The International Office is responsible for all international aspects of the degree programmes and the faculty. It offers information and advice on stays abroad during your studies. On the one hand, this includes information on the different possibilities of a stay abroad and on the partner universities of the UW/H. On the other hand, it provides support in the concrete planning of the stay abroad and in the subsequent crediting of examination results.

In the internal blog you will find posts about UW/H life. The contents of the internal blog are only available in German 

Moodle is the eLearning platform of the UW/H.

Information on the topic of sustainability can be found here.

If you have forgotten your password, you can regain access to your account via the password self-service.

You can find the UW/H presentation templates here.

You can submit print jobs online via the Print Centre.

Psychological student counseling supports personal concerns in and outside of the study context. All Witten/Herdecke University students can participate in individual counseling and a group offer.

Since 2015, the Room of Silence (RdS) has offered everyone the opportunity to integrate moments of quiet, pause and mindfulness into the lively everyday life at the university. The room is used in many ways: taster sessions, ongoing course offerings, yoga and meditation are just a few examples.

You can access an overview of the room plans here.

In UWE you can search for people, institutions (= organisations) and rooms at Witten/Herdecke University.

As a prerequisite for enrolment, you have to transfer the social contributions as well as the costs for the semester ticket to the Hochschulwerk. You will then receive your smartcard by post this year. This smartcard has many functions and will accompany you throughout your studies - as a student ID, as a semester ticket, as a photocopy card, as a payment option in the cafeteria, as an access card to the campus and the library.

Here you can view your SmartCard account transactions - only accessible via UW/H PCs and from the Eduroam WLAN.

You can get more information about the smartcard from the Hochschulwerk.

Software service for SPSS, Microsoft Office, Citavi, Endnote and other services can be found at UW/H-Services.

You can find an overview of scholarships and grants here

Information on student representatives can be found here.

The StudierendenGesellschaft (SG) is a non-profit association founded in 1995 by students of Witten/Herdecke University. The students at UW/H manage their tuition fees on their own responsibility. For this purpose, they have developed a financing model with the "Reverse Generation Contract" (UGV), which provides for an income-dependent later payment in addition to the monthly contribution payments during studies. Thus, for 25 years, the SG has stood with the UGV for free access to studies, a free design of studies and a free choice of profession. Because: studying in Witten is not a question of money and never should be! In addition to administering and financing the tuition fees - which currently amount to more than 12 million euros, about one fifth of the entire university budget - and supporting a large number of student projects, the SG, as co-owner and shareholder of the UW/H, helps shape the university at the highest level. This makes it the direct voice of the students in the highest commercial body of the university - a novelty in Germany.

 You can find everything you need to know about semester fees, enrolment, re-registration, exmatriculation, leave of absence, etc. on the pages of the Student Secretariat.
Contact details, fee regulations, etc., can be found here.

Students who have an accident or are injured at the UW/H or on the way to the university should contact the Student Secretariat as soon as possible, as an accident report must be sent from there to the Unfallkasse NRW. Contact details can be found at the top of this page.

Every degree programme at Witten/Herdecke University includes the Studium fundamentale: one day a week, students from all disciplines come together, engage with art and culture or engage in artistic activities. This change of perspective, the different way of thinking, the communication in this special setting broaden their horizons and bring new ideas to their minds. The choice of courses within the Studium fundamentale is free. The "Stufu" is divided into different competence areas. While the reflective competence area aims to train students to think and reflect on the fundamentals of their own academic work and to try out other ways of thinking, the communicative competence area helps students to practise speaking in a way that is appropriate to the subject and the situation. This ranges from voice training to group communication and from direct interaction to virtual communication. In the artistic competence area, you can test and expand your own creative potential, as is inherent in visual art, music, dance and theatre. The Stufu is organised by the WittenLab. Zukunftslabor Studium fundamentale.

The UW/H offers the WLAN networks "eduroam" and "uwh-guest". While "uwh-guest" is an open WLAN network, the eduroam network is encrypted. You can access the eduroam network - even if you are staying at another university - via your UW/H ID. You can find more information here

UWE is the campus online system of the UW/H. All data relevant to the administration of your studies are stored in UWE and are thus available for all queries and processing procedures. All members of the UW/H (students and staff) have access to UWE via their UW/H ID. In UWE you will find all courses offered in a semester. Students must use UWE to register for and deregister from courses and examinations, can view grades and check their study status. UWE informs you about changes in the time or location of courses. Please check your emails regularly and keep your contact details in UWE up to date. More useful information is available here.

You can find blog posts about studying on the UW/H blog. The content of the UWH blog ist only available in german. 

With webmail, you can access UW/H mail from anywhere.


[...] raum café: Nice mix of café and alternative learning space right in Witten.

Knuts: The bistro café offers cuisine, bar and culture under one roof. There's always something going on here from Tuesday to Sunday.

Café Leye in the city centre. Here you'll find a great roof terrace and delicious cafés and cakes. There is also always a cultural programme here.

Kijamii Coffee: Café and coffee roastery in Witten for fair and speciality coffees from direct trade with partner coffee cooperatives in northern Tanzania.

Kitten/Unikat: Student Uniclub - The "place to be" for all UW/H students. Every Wednesday evening you can meet fellow students and make friends with students from other faculties.

Alte Post: A corner pub as it is written in the book: From football evenings to long party nights, everything is on offer here.

Klimbim: The quaintest pub in Witten: Here you still sit at old wooden counters and get to talk to nice people in a friendly and relaxed environment.



Alnatura: Organic supermarket right in the centre of Witten with a wide range of vegetarian and vegan food and cosmetics.

Füllbar: Unpackaged food, cosmetics, cleaning products and much more can be found unpackaged at the Füllbar - also directly in Witten's city centre.

Kaufland: Large full-range store in Witten's city centre.

Boni: Food market on Pferdebachstraße with large fruit, vegetable, cheese, meat and meat departments. There is also a sushi station where fresh sushi is prepared daily - also in vegan & vegetarian!


Medical care:

University Clinic of the UW/H: The university outpatient clinic is a general medical facility for integrative health care and naturopathy.

Dental Clinic of the UW/H: As a university dental clinic, complex treatments are offered here in addition to normal preventive examinations.

Centre for Mental Health and Psychotherapy of the UW/H: The Centre for Mental Health and Psychotherapy (ZPP) of the University of Witten/Herdecke offers professional support in challenging life situations, mental and social stress, mental disorders and physical illnesses associated with psychosocial complaints.

Hospitals: There are two hospitals in Witten - the Ev. Hospital and the Marien Hospital, which also has a 24-hour outpatient clinic.

Are you looking for a flat or a room in a shared flat? At WG-Gesucht, flat-sharing rooms are advertised all the time. A look at Ebay-Kleinanzeigen and at WG-Gesucht can be worthwhile, or even a notice in the university itself.

Important contact persons

Student secretariat

If you have any questions concerning the general enrollment process, the Student Secretariat will be happy to answer them by e-mail atstudierendensekretariat@spam protectuni-wh.de or by telephone from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at 02302 / 926-405.

Contactstudierendensekretariat@spam protectuni-wh.de Phone: +49 (0)2302 / 926-405 Fax: +49 (0)2302 / 926-412

Private University of Witten/Herdecke gGmbH Student Secretariat Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50 58448 Witten

Room: E127 and E129 in Building G


Student Council

The Student Council of the University assumes responsibility through its involvement in the organization of the University, and lives this responsibility by constantly addressing student interests and concerns.


student council(at)uni-wh.de

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