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All news at a glance

PPE Conference "Surfing on crisis"

The PPE conference "Surfing on crisis" highlights the different facets of crises and shows how they can be instrumentalized on the one hand and contribute to positive change on the other. Harry Wick reports in an interview why it is worth attending.

A warm welcome to you!

The new trainees start their professional life at UW/H.

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Day of Teaching

All UW/H members are warmly invited to the first inter-faculty, university-wide Day of Teaching on Thursday, 7 October 2022, on the UW/H campus. Further information, the registration link and the programme can be found on the website of the University Didactics.

Photo: Pexel | Polina Tankilevitch

Flu vaccination

This fall, UW/H is once again offering employees the opportunity to get a free flu shot on campus.

Corona-Update: Semesterstart

The latest Corona update on the start of the semester from the UW/H President's Office.

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AN. Recognition & credit in studies

Start from scratch in your studies? You don't have to. You can use a lot of what you have already achieved for your studies.

The Department of Human Medicine mourns the death of Professor Dr. Klaus Dörner

Prof. Dr. Klaus Dörner was the holder of the Chair of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in the early years. His successor, Prof. Dr. Beine, has written the following obituary. We send a silent greeting to the family and friends of Prof. Dörner.


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The social-ecological crisis in the curriculum

Today's students will experience the effects of global crises in their professional lives. At the same time, a highly sensitized generation is studying that is very concerned with the questions of how to deal with the crises. What does this mean for teaching at UW/H? A blog post by Annaliesa Hilger.

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Tips for the beginning of the study

The start of the semester is a particularly exciting time for many first-year students: new surroundings, new people, being new on a university campus and a new way of learning. But there's no need to get nervous!

Not just for the highly gifted: The scholarship

What requirements do you have to fulfil to get a scholarship? What scholarships are available and how can you apply? The UW/H blog answers the most important questions about funding opportunities during your studies.