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at UW/H


at UW/H

Excel courses for students

Location Witzel-Raum/1.203
Organizer UW/H Career Service und denkleister

The UW/H Career Service offers together with denkleister - the student consultancy of the UW/H - again three free Excel courses for students this semester. In addition to two basic courses, this time there will also be an advanced course for advanced students. Whether for internships, no matter in which industry or position, as a potential founder or just for the accounting of the WG-cash, an extended basic knowledge of Microsoft's spreadsheet software is indispensable nowadays and can save you a lot of work if used correctly.

Contents of the basic course (contents of basic course 1 and 2 are identical):

  • The user interface, general basics of Excel 2016.
  • Input, editing, organization and formatting of tables
  • Formulas and functions in various tasks
  • Logical functions: And, Or, If
  • Matrix functions: Sreference and Wreference
  • Mathematical and statistical functions: Sum-if, Count-if, etc.
  • Date functions etc.

Contents of the advanced course:

  • Special functions in Excel
  • Calculating maximum or minimum values with target value search and solver
  • Interest calculation
  • Linking worksheets and files
  • Merging worksheets/workbooks
  • Advanced matrix formulas (array formulas)
  • Pivot tables (format and evaluate pivot data)
  • Create project plan/schedule with Gantt view (Gantt chart)
  • Excel charts: Diagram types at a glance

The contents will be learned by working on practical examples by the course participants on their own laptops.


  • 25.11.2022, 13-19 Uhr, Witzel-Raum/1.203 (Basis1)
  • 26.11.2022, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Witzel-Raum/1.203 (Basis 2)
  • 03.12.2022, 10-16 Uhr, Witzel-Raum/1.203 (Extension)(Course Basis 1 and Basis 2 have the same content) (max. 20 participants per date)

All courses take place in presence.

Registration deadline for the basic course is 23.11.2022.

Registration deadline for the extension course is 30.11.2022.

Please note that registration is only possible for one date of the basic courses! Those who have already attended a basic course or will attend a basic course on 25/26/11/2022 can also register for the extension course. (Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis). The courses are open to all UW/H students.

Prerequisite for participation is an own laptop with an installed Excel version (from 2010). However, it is recommended to get the latest Excel version. This can be downloaded free of charge from www.office.com.

Only students who are able to participate in one of the dates without time interruption will be admitted to the course.

Important: The registration is binding, i.e. who is absent without excuse will be asked to pay 30€!