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at UW/H


at UW/H

Photo: UW/H | Dr. Helene Günther

Kick-off conference "Chronic Care in Dialog".

Location Audimax
Organizer Prof. Daniela Schmitz und Team, UW/H, Department für Humanmedizin, Juniorprofessur für Innovative und Digitale Lehr- und Lernformen in der Multiprofessionellen Gesundheitsversorgung

Chronic Care sees itself as a young interdisciplinary scientific field that brings the life situation of chronically ill, often multimorbid elderly people and the resulting multiprofessional tasks into discussion in order to develop adequate care practices.With "Chronic Care in Dialog", a recurring format is to be established, which identifies interdisciplinary problems in the care of chronically ill people, discusses possible solutions and develops multiprofessional approaches. The aim is to present care issues from different disciplinary perspectives and to explore common perspectives and controversies. The aim is to promote professional diversity in the care of chronically ill people.The opening conference will start with a review of the current situation, in which speakers will present their respective professional perspectives on the care of chronically ill people and put them up for discussion. The aim is to identify the diversity of approaches, to derive topics for the following conferences in the series and to stimulate networking within the scientific field of chronic care.The conference will be accompanied by the photo exhibition "Positive Interactions - Person-Centered Care" by Christiane Dumke (graduate) and Stefan Dumke.


  • PD Dr. med. Marc Spielmanns (Zurich Rehab Centers)
  • Dr. Christian Marschner (FH Bielefeld)
  • Prof. Rena Amelung (University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld)
  • Marcus Heumann (University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld)
  • Nikolas Tarner (University of Applied Sciences Münster)
  • Prof. Sandra Bachmann & Jens Riede (HSG-Bochum)

Admission costs 80,00 € and tickets are available from Claudia Kuhr(claudia.kuhr@spam protectuni-wh.de).